Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Collaborations, List of

Selected Collaborations/Projects with Ralph Lichtensteiger (Music, Music-Theatre, Prose, Poetry):

60 Pages for voice and piano (1989);
Cageware - The Revolution of Life and Language Vol. 1 (a study on John Cage’s relationship with language and literature) (1990);
I LIKE (1991);
Eine Woche mit Hegel (huge fragmentary torso) (1999);
Duos No. 1-45 (1999);
Charles Ives Songs (1999) · info on Ch. Ives;
Arbeit am Mythos (body of work) (1999);
Human Apparatus (for William S. Burroughs) (1999);
Zeil 5 live-concert in Frankfurt (2000);
Funeral Orchestra & Other Duos (2000);
101 Questions and Answers re John Cage (2001);
Louis Mink Duos (2001);
1 to 16 (2nd version) for three voices, amplified violin, electronics and percussion;
1 to 23 (2nd version) for voices, amplified violin and two CD-player (2001);
Three pieces for Toru Takemitsu (2002);
Do You Think Cage I, II and III (2002);
From here to emptiness (2002);
1-440 for speaker, piano and percussion (2002) [pdf];
Thoreau kills Buddha (emptiness that surrounds) (2002);
A Taste for the Secret (2002));
A Crown of Feathers (for Pierre Boulez) (2002);
Unknown Centers (2002);
Uglybeautycage - Dialogue with John Cage (2002-2005).

Listen to me reciting "Ugly Beauty Is" (orig. text ca. 1997, new text version 2001), taken from the Ugly Beauty Cage project (UBC), a "dialogue with John Cage":

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