Sunday, 17 February 2008

Upon the death of Roy Scheider

Well, another good one bites the dust...
Roy Scheider, a leading figure in the American film renaissance of the 1970s, died on Sunday, February 10th, 2008 in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was 75 and lived in Sag Harbor, N.Y.

Scheider was probably best-known for his roles in “Jaws” (1975, director: Steven Spielberg) and “Jaws 2” (1978, director: Jeannot Swarc).

He also worked with William Friedkin in “French Connection” (1971) and “Sorcerer” (1977), which was a big-budget remake of the superb French thriller “The Wages of Fear” (1953, director: Henri-Georges Clouzot), not forgetting his contributions to such remarkable films as “Marathon Man” (1976, director: John Schlesinger), “Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters” (1985, director: Paul Schrader), “2010” (1984, director: Peter Hyams) and “Romeo is Bleeding” (1994, director: Peter Medak) as well as his appearances in other film and stage productions too numerous to mention.

He was offered a leading role in “The Deer Hunter” (1979), but had to turn it down, having to fulfil his contract with Universal for the “Jaws” sequel (so Robert De Niro ended up playing that role...) Well, not to detract from De Niro's remarkable performance, but we can only speculate what difference Scheider's playing might have brought to that movie.

He also played the sinister, sarcastic Dr. Benway in David Cronenberg’s adaptation of William S. Burroughs’s “Naked Lunch” (1991), one of the more memorable performances of his later career years.

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Anonymous said...

cheider's Jaws co-star Richard Dreyfuss said: "He was a wonderful guy. He was what I call a knockaround actor.

"A knockaround actor to me is a compliment that means a professional that lives the life of a professional actor and doesn't yell and scream at the fates and does his job and does it as well as he can."